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            Marketplaces for Survival, Surplus and Tactical Businesses.    Sell more and promote your business - for less!  *   *   *   *   *   * Home  * About  * Brands For Sale  * Domains  * Merchants  * Consumers  * Contact##  AboutSurvival Standard is comprised of a group of talented enthusiast and dedicatedprofessionals from the survival, emergency preparedness, disaster relief andtactical industries at a variety of levels; Federal, State, Local and Non-profit.We have a community of e-commerce websites offering various marketplaces forother businesses to post products or services while promoting and drivingtraffic to your own business. Each property we develop is carefully designedto leverage talent, time, marketing, and social media. Grab the attention,encourage action and interaction amongst consumers within our specific niche.We are built on two foundations:  (1) Delivering Value  For businesses we offer a few different low-cost, high-traffic marketplaces orplatforms to sell products and services. Our inexpensive marketplace androbust marketing channels allow merchants to reach your specific and intendedaudience (not just PPC mud slinging) and sell large quantities of products fora fraction of the traditional cost; fees are roughly 15% of total salescompared to the industry average of 38-45%. Our platforms allow businesseslike you to create a free account and manage all steps of the sales process;from product posting to interacting with customers, streamlining orderfulfillment and increasing your customer base by maintaining all salesinformation.For consumers we offer the largest collection of merchants and products inPreparedness, Survival, and Tactical with highly discounted products (40-90%OFF) and a trusted source for information. All of our merchants are vetted andverified by us personally before they can begin selling products and services.Additionally, although merchants or businesses are posting using our platform,we support you throughout the whole process.Nowhere else will you find such a collection of businesses specifically tryingto capture your attention and pocketbook by offering their best deals ever.But, they go quick. Deals can last from one hour, but no more than one week.(2) Fostering Relationships  The quality and trust of relationships we foster between vendors and consumersmake us a prime and profitable marketplace. Consumers trust our vendors arevetted and deliver on their promises and purchased products, we support themin their relationship with vendors.##  Brands For Sale  * All  * Daily Deals  * Marketplace  * Specialized Everyday SurvivalWe sell American-made and Military combat-proven gear. The real deal. No junkor replicas here only Battle-proven means everyday s... Expedition SupplyBuilding the toughest custom adventure, off-road, and expedition trailers onthe planet. Specializing in M1102 M1101 trailer campe... Tactical DealsA massive marketplace made up of hundreds of trusted tactical businessesselling gear and accessories you need, a tactical gear su... Survival DealsShop the biggest survival brands and most trusted products on the market fromhundreds of businesses in one place. The survival st... Daily TacticalTactical Daily Deals. Businesses post tactical gear at practically insaneprices. Each day they deliver a new deal with world-clas...##  Domains For SaleSurvival Standard owns a number of high quality, single-level domains. Belowyou will find domain URL's available for immediate sale divided by industrytype. Prices range from $250 - $15,000. All domain transactions are handledthrough Escrow for safety. Please contact us for details and to discuss. For alist of online businesses for sale click here.### **Survival**|### **Tactical**|### **Preparedness**    ---|---|---  survival.enterprises  survival.exchange  survival.industries  survival.company  survival.deals  survival.business  survival.rentals  survival.sale  survival.bargains  survival.ltd  survival.coupons  ultimatesurvivalgear.com  survival.discount  survivalgear.market  Survivalgear.store  survivalbargains.com  survivalcompany.net  survivalsteals.com | tactical.today  tactical.directory  tactical.industries  tactical.tips  tactical.deals  tactical.bargains  tactical.business  tactical.site  tactical.coupons  tactical.discount  tactical.ltd  tactical.blog  surplus.deals  tacticalgear.market | prep.deals  Preparedness.deals  Preparedness.shop  Prepper.deals  Prepper.shop  prepared.mobi  prepared.tv  prepper.coupons  prepper.site  prepper.bargains  preparedness.store  preparedinallthings.com  preparednessinstitute.org    ##  For MerchantsAre you a business that Manufacturers, Wholesales or Retails products in thesurvival, preparedness, surplus and tactical markets? Are you interested ingetting more customers and selling more products? Using our platforms givesyou the most cost-effective and risk-free advertising imaginable usingcollective buying power to:  1. Sell products whether new, old or overstock inventory  2. Test market an invention  3. Showcase a new product  4. Increase brand awareness  5. Drive traffic to your businessOur low-cost, high-traffic marketplaces are designed for businesses to sellproducts and services without any prior experience, technical knowledge, ITinfrastructure, social media following or even a website. Our inexpensivemarketplaces and robust marketing channels allow merchants to reach anaudience and sell large quantities of products for a fraction of thetraditional cost.The way we are able to deliver results for you is the collective buying powerof our consumers, using the rule “there’s power in numbers,” to leverage thegroup size in exchange for discounts.**For Retailers** we provide a platform for you to post your own deals, managesales and shipping, follow up with customers, export data, etc.. The customerswho purchase your deals from our platform become your customers, all whilegaining visibility into your product or business. There is no experience orwebsite needed on your part. We have the website, generate the traffic, sendto our mailing list, handle the social media, affiliate  & marketing. Unlikesimilar "group buying", "deal of the day" or others who take 50%, our finalvalue fee is a fraction of that and we don't charge additional for our securecredit card processing. For the **Daily Deals Platform** , products must bediscounted at least 35% off MSRP. You'll need to work out some solid numbersbefore you run a deal such as the minimum number of new customers that youwant/need in order to offer the deal and the maximum you're able to offer. Our**Marketplace** is a risk-free site designed to post regular products andprices. It 's free to join and to post products for as long as you would like.We have a simple and small final value fee when items are sold. Think of oursites as online super stores or malls for your specific niches; survival andtactical.**For Manufacturers and Wholesalers** without the interest and ability to shipto end-customers let us purchase your products in bulk and we 'll handle itfrom there; all aspects of the transaction and ship from our facility. We buy100-1000's of one product, usually your best sellers discounted at least 60%off MSRP so we can post at a price consumers will only come across once.Because this is a one-time sale limited in time from one hour to one week,there are no downsides to your brand.These unique **Daily Deals** and **Martketplace platforms** are availabletoday. To be a part, Contact us today!##  For ConsumersThere are thousands of brands and even more companies selling those products.Where do you turn to find the most trusted products and the best price?Welcome to Survival Standard…We are dedicated professionals with years of experience in multiple industriesranging from disaster response, emergency preparedness, outdoor and urbansurvival, military and law enforcement.We are building the largest collection of businesses and products in thesurvival, surplus and tactical niche wrapped up into a few websites. We don'tsell any products ourselves. We provide a cost effective and easy platform forthe brands/merchants/manufacturers/wholesales/retailers to post their bestdeals products. We have a platform for businesses to post daily deals withprices so low you'll only come across them once; typically 35-90% OFF retailprices. The deals can last from one day to one week at the most.And we don't let anyone through these gates, we are the standard in survivalyou can trust. We interview and vet each brand or business you see on oursites so you can trust they will deliver on their products and promises and weprovide full support through out the whole process "if needed".See "Our Brands" for more information and **Sign up for our email newsletterstoday! We give away free gear and discounts each week.**##  ContactIf you're a merchant wanting to sell products, signup for our deals platformor a consumer with feedback - We want to hear from you!**Thank you!** I have received your message.nameemailmessage##### Contact Info 801-683-2931 Call or Text Today  *   *   *   *   * (C) 2015 All Rights Reserved, designed by TeoThemes